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Our Experience

 A 15+ year veteran of corporate America working for defense contractors, micro-electronics manufacturers and more as a Systems Engineer, Design and Test Engineer and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, I was looking for greater satisfaction than just to be a cog in the machine. As an independent consultant, one could be the lubricant - instead of the cog, enabling organizations to become more efficient, effective, proactive and responsive. 

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Our Approach

LT Consulting aids businesses to save time and money through process improvements and change. Our services include observations, discussions, immersion and investigation that lead to the identification of opportunities to streamline the workflow for efficiency and effectiveness. Engineering and Lean Six Sigma Master black belt training have provided a well-developed problem-solving skillset, varied analysis tools to use and to draw information from. An analytic system-level thinking approach that can be applied to products/processes in any industry.


Why Us?

Process Improvement Solutions for problems that plague businesses are often sought. However, the symptoms are usually addressed versus the fundamental problem, also known as the root cause. Root cause analysis techniques are needed to investigate the symptoms and identify the true shortcoming(s). Effective, efficient businesses can successfully take on more work than their competitors with similar staffing.

LT Consulting: Making businesses proactive versus reactive, leveraging the resources available and maximizing the benefits.

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